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FAQ and more information:

What is Minecraft?

It's a game where you have to use your imagination! 
You use blocks to create and build anything you like, you can play the game online or offline. 
You better get started now and hurry, because at night monsters come out, and you WILL need a shelter and a house to survive. Over 23 million people registered, now it's your turn!

Is it free?

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An Insight into Playing Minecraft For Free

Indie sandbox games may not have groundbreaking video graphics and other eye candies. 

However, they serve their purpose by offering enjoyment to the players. Minecraft is one such first person video game that has steadily gained popularity since its introduction. It enables the players to build various constructions using textured cubes. All the gamers will get access to a three-dimensional open world to set the cubes.

Playing Minecraft for free is possible because it is available in a browser. The developers are offering the classic version of Minecraft for free. The free version enables people to try the it out before purchasing it.

minecraft for free


Gameplay Information for the Players

Minecraft presents a randomly generated world to it's users. The duty of the users is to harvest various supplies enables them to progress. For instance, harvesting wood from the trees will enable the player to create a workbench. If you want to enjoy this game for free get a free Minecraft account today!
The player can then use the workbench to mine better products. This is the basic premise of the gameplay. Initially, most people will focus on creating a house. The house will protect them from the various monsters that spawn from time to time.

Originality Combined With Versatility

Those who are playing Minecraft for free will notice the absence of monsters. This is because the developers had not included such additions into the classic version. A unique aspect is its originality. For instance, one who have iron and diamond tools can mine better. The first time an user may focus upon the average lifetime of the tools. Some of the tools will last longer; a suitable example is the diamond tool. Throughout the gameplay, the gamers will get opportunities to enhance the capabilities of their tools. This in turn will help them to mine resources at a faster rate.

Can I play Minecraft For Free on My Mobile Phone?

Minecraft was originally available exclusively for the PCs. However, the developers have ported the it to various mobile platforms. In fact, the porting to multiple platforms helped in gaining immense popularity. Ensure that your PC fulfills the minimum requirements required to play Minecraft for free. You will also need online connectivity to play Minecraft. The websites that host this game directly downloads the contents from the official servers. Please bear in mind that this is Java-based. Hence, you need to install the latest Java runtime environment.

play minecraft for free

Importance of Reading the Strategy Guides

Unlike the other indie games, there is no definite walk-through for Minecraft. However, the first time players may come across various online informative articles. These so-called strategy guides will help to shorten the learning curve. In other words, the players will get an opportunity to mine resources faster. The Minecraft for free game offered online comes with provisions to save the gameplay. The developers have paid attention to include unique elements via periodic updates. However, the majority of these features are not available on the free classic version. As mentioned earlier, the online game is just a brief overview of the original package!

The Benefits of Paid Gameplay

One of the aspects that made Minecraft a hit among the masses is its simplicity. The paid version is much more exciting. For instance, you can collect raw food and cook it to replenish lost health. This is essential to sustain the attacks of vicious monsters that spawn during the nighttime. Likewise, players will also get to enjoy two modes - the survival and the creative. Set an appropriate difficulty level and you can enjoy limited hours of gameplay. The gamers have an exhaustive inventory highlighting all the available tools and other materials.

Minecraft supports Single Player As well As Multiplayer

The players are going to spend a lot of time exploring the three-dimensional world. Ironically, the developers do not offer any kind of instructions to play Minecraft. The players will have to find out many aspects related to the gameplay on their own. Playing Minecraft for free is easy as it is available directly from the official channels. However, you will have to create a Mojang user ID to play the game. The demo version comes only with survival mode. It is also the single player version. At the same time, the classic version supports multiplayer gaming.

Play Minecraft for free and still have premium fun

You might not be able to reach the complete potential of the game, but 95 out of 100 is usually more than enough pass any exams. 

minecraft for free

Here's what you have to do in order to play Minecraft for free.

Get yourself the pirated version of the game. It's not hard to find, because it is posted on very many torrent and Minecraft websites. 
When you search for it, make sure it's one of the latest versions released. You can find out what the latest update is by visiting the official website ( somewhere under the buy icon ) or by searching for "Minecraft version history" on Google.

The unofficial client has its limits though. You are unable to connect to Notch's website, therefore you cannot auto update, or change the default skin of the character. These downsides aren't really noticeable while playing. Most of the players that bought their rights still use the default character skin, and some always play offline or avoid servers, because they can't really have the fun they want there.

Triple your fun with online play !

download a free Minecraft account and enjoy the premium version for free!

If you want to play online, you need a second software, called Hamachi. It can be found very easily on the web, and even though there is a paid version, the free one offers even more than we need. This software connects computers to a VPN, while making them think they are connected via LAN. 

All the users connected in the same network can now see each others single player games. This is also suitable for games like Red Alert, Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3, and many others. After you register an account and create/join a VPN, simply connect to the host's Hamachi IP address, or check the LAN tab, and the games should appear. 

Sometimes the games can lag. 
If they do, or any other problems occur, check the connection icon next to the Hamachi nickname. If it's green, everything is fine, if it's blue try rejoining the network or reconnecting on Hamachi, and if it's red, try restarting your PC, and ask the others to do the same.

If you want more access to the map, you can download the server file from the Minecraft website. Extract the files, and don't run the server before you make the following changes in the server.proprieties file ( opened with Notepad ) : server-ip=Your Hamachi IP , online-mode=false. 

Without these two you won't be able to play. You can make other changes as well, regarding difficulty, flight mode, and others. If you run into lag issues, I've heard that disabling The Nether ( allow-nether=false ) helps. From the console you have complete access to things like players locations, weather, or game time. The list of commands can be found on Google. Don't use them to cheat the game ! There's no fun in that.

Is the premium version better ?

Although it saves you a lot of time, the premium version of Minecraft isn't perfect, because it seems you still get bugs and crashes in your most delightful moments of play. Lot's of people struggle to play Minecraft for free these days. On the internet, nobody is 100% guilt free. We all end up downloading some pirate software at one point or another. Even the ones who do buy, check with the cracked version first.

Download Minecraft for free

Made by Markus Persson, Minecraft is a sandbox construction game in which players create and destroy different kinds of blocks in a 3D environment.

The player is required to adopt an avatar that can create and destroy blocks in order to make various structures.
You can make use of multiple game modes, multiplayer servers and single player worlds to play Minecraft. You can even get a free Minecraft account from trusted providers.

The game can be bought for $26.95 and both single player as well as multiplayer versions can be played on a downloadable launcher or the regular internet browser.

minecraft for free

A free version of the game can also be played on various websites. 

We offer you to download Minecraft for free, and a premium free Minecraft account which you can get by CLICKING HERE

Even though the game initially revolved around the making and breaking of blocks in an attempt to build structures that would protect mankind from monsters, it expanded vastly when players got together to make gorgeous things.
While some choose to watch a calm sunrise over the ocean, others wage frightening wares.
So what are you waiting for? Download Minecraft for free in a few clicks!




The development started in May 2009 and orders for the game began to come in within a month of the development starting.
The game was officially released two and a half years later in November 2011.
An exclusive edition was released for Sony Xperia soon after and following the expiry of that tie-up, another edition for all Android devices was released.
Later Minecraft was also announced for Xbox 360.
It set a whole new record after breaking those set by other games earlier. Recently, Raspberry Pi tied up with the developers and Minecraft: Pi Edition was announced.

Current Versions

The current versions that are available include 1.4.7 computer version, 1.5 pre version, 0.6.1 pocket edition, 1.3.1 Xbox 360 edition and 0.1.1 pi edition.


The game modes currently available on Minecraft include creative, survival, hardcore and adventure.
Capture the Flag is a planned mode that is also available to players.
The recipes a player can choose from include crafting, brewing and smelting.


Bugs and Glitches

There are a number of bugs and glitches that help do various things. Bear in mind however that these bugs and glitches may also not work currently of constant updates that are trying to eliminate these.
However going by the ones that can be implemented to date, here are a few:

  • Zombie pigmen will catch fire for a brief period of time when in sunlight.
  • You cannot break a cota by hitting it if it is stuck.
  • An iron golem will spontaneously begin to suffocate when built against a wall.
  • Enderpearls can be used to teleport through walls that are not solid.
  • Spider jockeys will be separated when a world is reloaded.
  • If you have a good timing, you can teleport through a wally by throwing enderpearls.
  • If you place too many carts on one rail, they will begin to blink.
  • While in creative, break the top half of the door for progress because breaking the bottom will do nothing.
  • You cannot see nether portals if you are standing in water.
  • In snowfall, snow golems will die.
  • At times, you cannot attack mobs as they are immune for brief spurts of time.
  • You can still teleport if you throw an enderpearl but die before it reaches the ground.
  • If you try throwing too many enderpearls at once, you stand the risk of your game crashing.


  • Bouncy items - the item bouncer creates bouncing items. If you place two stairs facing one another and drop any item in the middle, bouncing items will be formed.
  • Going crazy - when in F5 mode and you can see your face, place your face against a wall and click on inventory. Move your mouse around and the screen outside will seem like it is going crazy.
  • Ghost mode - in this mode, you simply float around the screen like a ghost.
  • Teleport respawn - if you have half your heart remaining and a zombie is chasing after you, throw all your enderpearls in the air and allow yourself to die. Once you die, immediately click on respawn and you will be taken back to where your things are kept.
  • Multiplying rails - the piston starts to push a rail that you have placed and then it is broken into two or more rails. Here is what you will need: 1 x sticky piston, 3 x powered rails, 1 x redstone torch, 2 x repeaters, 1 x furnace and some redstone.

Bugs and glitches exist all over the place. So experiment and do not be scared to discover some on your own.
It is actually quite addictive to find them. Once you start, you just cannot seem to stop!

The addiction

With thousands of players from across the world addicted to Minecraft, it is indeed a game that has found a cult status.
Join in and start to play Minecraft for free, right here. Nobody is urging you to buy the game.
Simply, give it a shot and see how you gradually grow addicted to the game.
From, creating to destroying, from being part of a community to sharing information, from discovering bugs and glitches to devising ways in which you can fight them, Minecraft gives YOU the opportunity to discover a whole new range of skills within you.
Combining fun with intelligence, the game is bound to blow your mind away.


An official Minecraft convention is organized each year. It started in 2011.
Various activities like Minecraft-themed breakout classes, costume and building contests, and exhibitions by gaming companies, photo opportunities with Mojan workers and the Minecraft community and display of select merchandise were constituted this conference.
The program was followed by a party titled "Into the Nether".
Similar events comprised MineCon in 2012 and the one that is to held in 2013 is being eagerly anticipated.

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